JEP Foundation was created to promote Humanistic Capitalism and redefine how modern companies operate.

The Humanistic Capitalism Manifesto

JEP Foundation will host a Humanistic Capitalism Summit in Boulder, Colorado, USA in April 2012. Some of the brightest minds in the world will attend this conference to ratify the principles of Just Enough Profit and create the Humanistic Capitalism Manifesto. Manifesto signatories will further refine the JEP Maturity Levels, enhancing their recognition and credibility.

We seek to create a social movement where honor, dignity, and decency are placed above profit.

Where Capitalism Meets Humanism®

Humanistic Capitalism is a special kind of capitalism where the needs of humanity are put above a pure profit motive. Within this philosophy, companies still make a profit but help humanity at the same time by spreading the wealth. It narrows the gap between rich and poor and raises the standard of living for everyone. This is not socialism or fascism, it’s still capitalism, but it’s enlightened capitalism.

Given six billion people on Earth, extreme polarities of wealth and poverty are not healthy for the planet. Currently, two thirds of the population lives in poverty and less than one percent controls the wealth. We need a more balanced approach where the majority of people on Earth enjoy a reasonable standard of living.

Some say we’re in a downward spiral with no end in sight, and something must be done. We believe it’s time for world leaders and visionaries, leaders in science, economics, finance, and industry to come together, make a stand, and help people understand that we have options. One of those options is to treat people with respect and dignity while still making a reasonable profit.

Developing Industry Best Practices

JEP Foundation:

  • Develops corporate compliance standards and guidelines related to ethics and business conduct
  • Develops standards of commercial profit-making based on social, economic, and environmental responsibility and accountability
  • Provides compliance auditing services with regards to JEP financial and accounting standards for documenting profits and the appropriate distribution thereof

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